domenica 8 dicembre 2013

Three Ways To Address Informal Settlements In Urban Planning

1) Make informal settlements part of the city

It is vital that the planning approaches that ignore the informal sector are revised. Improving informal settlements requires shifting the approach from liability to asset. Rapid urbanisation has overwhelmed the capacity of municipalities to provide serviced land to accommodate the influx of newcomers, but ignoring this problem will not make it go away.

2) Upgrade existing informal settlements

Existing informal settlements can be upgraded by putting them on the map. This can enable integration with wider city plans. It is essential for upgrading because interventions need thorough information of the settlement’s physical conditions and service access, and because durable improvements need to be integrated in a broader city development plan. 

3) Anticipating informal settlements

An undersupply of land for housing can increase housing prices. Lack of affordable land forces the poor to live in informal settlements next to jobs and transportation even if this means they are exposed to tenure insecurity and hazards. Anticipatory policies should therefore ensure that there is sufficient land zoned for affordable housing.

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