lunedì 9 dicembre 2013

Guide for Application International Doctorate Urban Regeneration and Economic Development Disclaimer

The official and legally binding announcement is on the website: The present document cannot be used for legal purposes and is only meant to provide information in English on the call for application.

General information

Duration: 3 years Funding Amount: Full course fees plus EUR 59,787.78 (3 years) Level of Study: Postgraduate Research Vacancies: 6 scholarships plus 6 without studentships. Regions: 4 scholarships for Italian citizens, 2 scholarships for EU citizens (not Italians); No EU citizens without scholarship availability. Deadline for application: January 3, 2014. The awards will provide funding for the three years of a PhD, and assumes that the applicant will already have had research training from an MSc degree. The awards are available for EU citizens. Non European citizens are encouraged to apply with their own funding. Program:

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