martedì 5 novembre 2013


Urban Regeneration and Economic Development

In 2012, The Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria has launched the first cycle of the International Doctorate in "Urban Regeneration and Economic Development" (IDP). The IDP is an initiative promoted by the international research network of the CLUDs project under the Seventh Framework Programme Marie Curie IRSES 2010 and funded by European Social Fund Calabria Region Operational Programme . Building on the two main objectives of the project Cluds, 
1. Improving innovation and knowledge economy in the field of urban regeneration process by introducing new financial urban management tool (CLUDs) and 
2. strengthening research partnerships through Mobility of researchers by focusing on activities related to CLUDs, the IDP extends the topics towards a stronger linkage between urban regeneration and local economic development. 
The study program includes 12 courses during the first and second year, and a reinforcement of the Research Method in the third year. The first year is divided into six "main courses "coordinated by academics of the CLUDs research network in the field of Urban planning, Urban Regeneration and Economics. The second year includes 6 classes to the Northeastern University in Applied Macro and Micro Economics, Regional Development, Urban policy and strategic plans.

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