martedì 15 ottobre 2013

Medellin: How Transportation & Innovation Have Given This Failing City A Chance

Colombia has enjoyed many substantial transformations during the past decade: from an almost failed state with countless problems of drug dealing and guerrilla warfare to a nation on the path to becoming a developed country, future member of OECD and NATO. To use the words Time magazine recently published, this has truly been a “Colombian Comeback.”
This country’s renaissance is intimately linked to the rise of its cities out of disaster and despair.
In my last post I described the huge change in Bogotá (the country’s capital) due to its investment in transportation, but recently another city in Colombia has received the attention of those interested in urban planning and environmental transformations. Medellin, the country’s third-largest city, won the prize for the most innovative city in the world, beating places like Tel Aviv and New York. Medellin invested in transportation with the creation of extensive metro and cable car systems that brought access to the people living in the poorest parts of the city, mainly on the mountain hills, to the opportunities in the downtown below.

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