giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

High streets thrive by community-led renewal

Report shows importance of community-led renewal in giving new life to high streets.

High Streets Minister Brandon Lewis today (23 October) launched a new report at the High Street ‘World Café’ of Ideas forum.
The 1-day event brought together Portas Pilots, Town Teams, retailers, market traders, council and business leaders to discuss how to inject life into the high street through community-led initiatives that will support local business and attract shoppers.
Delivering the key note speech, Mr Lewis said high streets were changing and that the government was committed to helping communities adapt to this change. He said local authorities and businesses and those who work on the ground had to get involved as they were best placed to know what could make their high street thrive. He called on them to harness the package of measures the government has put in place including community-based initiatives to inject new life into their high streets.


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